A taste of fiction and nonfiction by Miha Mazzini. If you want to see the whole CV, click here.

Not much of his work on the Slovenian mentality is translated, but you can get a taste of it here. Yes, it is mostly valid for all Balkan nations too.

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Very Simple Story

I first read the story of Manuel Bravo in BBC news. The man killed himself on the night before returning him and his son to Angola (read it here).
After awhile they reported that they don't send back the children without parents.The son stayed in England.
So, Manual Bravo was a hero - he killed himself to let his son stay in England?
Obviously not. I read an article about how depressed he was, whether the pills would help him, what kind of pills, the need for more cameras in dormitories, more control, ... etc.
The man was a hero and western world is so far removed from courage that they just didn't get it - it pissed me off and it inspired me to write a story. (read more)


God, My Facebook Friend

People used to ask God(s) for advice. In the age of technology Big Data is slowly but surely replacing God as advisor. More and more people think that algorithms are the mightiest force in the universe and granted with magic power to solve all our problems. Funny: even atheists who dismiss God(s) have no complains about Big Data taking over their lives. (read more)


Zamzak & Noe

Have you ever heard about Zamzak? Have you ever met one of them? Why not? (read more)


The Night When Clark Gable And Carole Lombard Made Love For The Last Time

"He looked at the organic bread rolls and the hundred grams of chicken and vegetable salami, feeling a pressure building up inside, as if he was being squeezed by something and would soon start to cry. He shook his head and just managed to pull himself together. What would they say if he cried? He was an adult, after all! He held back the tears and spent the next few minutes expecting an asthma attack, but his bronchi slowly opened up again and allowed him to breathe." (read more)



"They called me from the hospital to come and get my mother. All I could manage was a quiet groan and the woman at the other end of the line tetchily shouted ‘Hello? Hello?’ a few times into the phone. I immediately called my lawyer who, following the ancient tradition of his profession, danced around the issue at first, but finally managed to tell me that I had to go for her as I wasn’t just her next of kin, but also her only relative. At first I was going to simply send my secretary, but I changed my mind in mid-sentence and told her instead to cancel all my other appointments for that day. A new multi-storey car park had been built in front of the hospital, but I still spent quite some time driving around looking for a parking space, and only went to the multi-storey after I realised that I was simply postponing the inevitable." (read more)



COVID-19 Has Transposed Us to the Future (2020/07/03)

In the 1960s when I was growing up, bodies awaited burial at home. In the block of flats where we lived, the caretaker would hang out a black flag above the entrance and all the neighbours would tiptoe past the wreath attached to the unfortunate person’s door. To me the smell of candles, flowers, perfume and shaving lotion became the scent of death.)


How Do You Know Whether You Are Raising Your Children Successfully?

As parents we often wonder whether our children’s upbringing is going in the right direction. In such moments we can envy sportsmen and sportswomen – by checking the times achieved you are able to see how successful a competitor you have created through training. You might say parenting lacks such support and means of verification. That’s not quite true. (read more)


YouTube, the Destructive Babysitter

I have stumbled upon the most popular videos for young children on YouTube and I was shocked. Not by the offensive violence but by the fact, that the videos are obviously computer generated. For anthropologist, this is an experiment as has never been done before: the civilization is not feeding their own stories to the children, but random nonsense. (read more)


An Angled Circle

Why Former Communist States are in Perpetual Transition?
After all these years we are still running on hamster wheel. Why? (read more)


Literature and film

What happened to the literature? It got driven over by film. (read more)


About Slovene mothers

(and probably mothers from other Mediterranean countries too)

Waiting in queue to buy some bread one Saturday morning, an elderly lady in front of me asked the shop assistant to place the loaf into her shopping trolley as she could not lift her arm because “she had ironed 25 of her son’s T-shits the previous day!” I came across her again at the till. The cashier was stacking everything she had bought into the trolley, the lady still pointing at her numb arm with an extra explanation, “you see, I’m in a hurry, my son is going on a family trip and I need to get their sandwiches ready.” (read more)


About Slovene mentality

Slovenes long ago adapted to life under foreign control. The top positions were occupied by foreigners while the bottom of the pyramid was reserved for us. We lived within the equality of serfdom and we got used to it – the same pay, the same conditions, the same careers and the same life for everyone. The proverbial Slovene egalitarianism (read more)


Miha Mazzini